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International Representation 

International Representation 


Championships  - Individual 

Yonatan Dresler at the 2012 London Paralympic Games/ Photo : Gert Bolmer

Paralympic Games

  • Paralympic games – 2000 Sidney – Itay Zuck (para-dressage).

  • Paralympic games – 2008 Beijing (Hong Kong) – Omer Ben-Dor (para-dressage).

  • Paralympic games – 2012 London – Yonatan Dressler (para-dressage).

Oded Shimoni (dressage) & Elad Yaniv (showjumping) were qualified for the Olympic Games but did not obtain the IOC approval to go with the Israeli team.


World Equestrian Games


Oded Shimoni represented Israel in three WEGs: 1998 – Rome, 2002 – Jerez de la Frontera (Spain), 2010 – Kentucky.


Show Jumping:

  • Elad Yaniv represented Israel in two WEGs: 1998 – Rome, 2002 – Jerez de la Frontera (Spain). 

  • Danielle Goldstein: 2014 – Caen, France, 2018 Tryon, NC.

  • Gabby Salick: 2010 – Kentucky, USA. 



  • Elad Kalifa: 2014 – Caen, France 

  • Yonatan Baruch – 2018 – Tryon, NC



  • Yonatan Dressler: 2010 – Kentucky (with a team); 2014 – Caen 

  • Other para-dressage riders: Uri Busha, Eyal Shahar, Itay Zuck, Nathan Martinez, Tzadok Omasi.



  • 2018 – Matan Harkabi – Tryon, NC.


European Championships


  •   Daniella Gross – 1995 – Mondorf, Luxemburg 

  •   Oded Shimoni – 1999 – Arnhem, Holland; 2001 – Verden, Germany 


Show Jumping:

  • Elad Yaniv – represented Israel individually in Six championships: 

  • 1999 Hickstead (GBR) – was only 18 and finished in 16th place 

  • 2001 Arnhem (NED)

  • 2003 Donaueschingen (GER)

  • 2005 San Patrignano (ITA)

  •  2007 Mannheim (GER)

  • Gabby Salick – 2007 Mannheim (GER)

  • Danielle Goldstein – represented Israel in three championships: 

  • 2013 Herning (DEN) 

  • 2015 Aachen (GER) – finished in 21st place 

  • 2017 Gothenburg (SWE) – finished in 9th place – was the only female in the top 12 and the only Israeli rider to ever make the finals of a senior championship

  • Dan Kremer – 2015 Aachen (GER)



  •  Omer Ben Dor represented Israel in three championships 

  •  Yonatan Dressler represented Israel in three championships 

  •  Other riders: Amit Hasdai, Itay Tzuk 


Championships  - teams 

Photo : Lily Forado

Israel has had numerous athletes representing our country over the years, although not in official FEI competitions until the IEF was affiliated in 1986. Up until 1988, we had various teams compete in friendship games and unaffiliated competitions in various disciplines.


Show Jumping

In 1988, the first Israeli show jumping team left with their horses on a ferry to Greece to compete at the FEI Challenge. The riders were Adi Leibovitch, Nancy Zeitlin, and Karen Mac (now Fouzailov).

In 2011, the first effort for team representation in the senior show jumping championship was made at the Aachen World Equestrian Games, with Elad Yaniv, Gabby Salick, and Eduard de Rothschild. Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, the team failed to compete.

In 2014, another attempt was made for team representation in show jumping – at the FEI Nations Cup in Wellington, with Danielle Goldstein, Elad Yaniv, and Joshua Tabor.

In 2015, the first team ever competed at the Olympic qualification for a ticket to the Rio Olympic Games. The team included four riders – Simon Nizri, Dan Kremer, Theo Boris, and Danielle Goldstein, who at the last moment had to withdraw due to her mare’s condition, leaving only three riders who finished in sixth place.


In 2018, our team took part in the World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Tryon, NC. In Israel’s first-ever senior championship appearance, four riders competed, finishing in 13th place. The team members were Daniel Bluman, Ashlee Bond, Alberto Michan, and Danielle Goldstein.

In 2019, Knotching another first-time performance, the team reached another milestone in 2019 at Rotterdam's European Championships.  The team was represented by four riders, Daniel Bluman, Dani G. Waldman, Elad Yaniv, and Dan Kremer.



In 1996, Israel had the first Olympic team in para-dressage, competing in Atlanta. 

In 2014, another team of three riders represented Israel in the Athens Olympics.

Overall, Israel Para-Dressage riders represented Israel in 5 Paralympic games.


Championships  - YOUTH 

Team Israel for  Ch-J -YR -U25 European Championships 2018

Teams: Show Jumping

Israel has had only two teams of young riders over the years.

The first was in 1990 when a group of four jumping riders and two dressage riders traveled to Perth, Australia, to compete. Ran Arbel (who is still riding under the Israeli flag in England) and Michael Wiesel, Grand Prix Dressage rider, still rides and competes in Israel, were among them.

The second team was the first Young Riders’ team for the European championship in 2018.

The three riders were Elias Arthul, Kai Zeevi, and Tressy Muhr, who also finished the championship in 18th place. It was the first time Israel had a rider ranked in such a high place at the final.

In the mid-90s, two youth teams were sent to represent Israel in the championships. Those teams included riders such as Elad Yaniv, Ilan Ferder, and Uri Burstein.



Several riders competed over the years at the European championships:


• Juniors: Roy First, Lihi Armon, Noga Kadshai

•  Children: Ashly Ehrlich 


Show Jumping:

•  Elad Yaniv – 2 Young Riders championships before he moved to compete in the seniors 

•  Young Riders – Guy Kotzer, Roeei Eyal

•  Juniors – Leigh Ofer, Nataly Leibovitz, Yuval Tivon

•  Children – Hadar Cats


First Dressage Team for FEI Nations Cup / Photo : Lily Forado

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